Introductory Offer:

$40 for 10 days - as many classes as you can take



Studio Pass

$350.ºº/month auto draft

-this amount goes directly into your account to be used on any privates, classes, or merchandise you like

-you will get a 15% discount on all services and products across the board, no code needed



$42 Drop In

$200 for 5

$350 for 10


Private Sessions 


Just you and your instructor of choice for an hour

$95 for 1

$450 for 5

$850 for 10


You and a friend and your instructor of choice for an hour

$55 per person for 1  ($110 total per session)

$52.50 per person for 10 ($105 total per session)

Office “Hours”

A 30 minute 1-on-1 session with your instructor of choice to breakdown any concept, exercise or difficulty you’re experiencing. This is perfect for learning modifications for injuries or surgery rehab, or even just understanding a complex exercise a little better.

$50 for a single session

$144 for 3

$225 for 5

$400 for 10

strict 24 hour cancellation policy :

Our studio prioritizes high quality instruction and attention to detail for every client in our 5 person classes as well as our privates. Our instructors juggle a busy schedule teaching classes and private clients back to back which makes our cancellation policy something we have to adhere to strictly to keep the studio running at it’s most effective capacity for you and our talented instructors. Please review fees below.

Class Cancellation under 24 hours is considered a ‘Late Cancel’ and that class will be deducted from your package.

Private clients cancelling under 24 hours is considered a “Late Cancel” and will result in losing that session credit.

The Silver Lining - if you have to late cancel, (because it happens to all of us) just shoot us an e-mail with the name, phone number and email of a friend, family member, heck you can even send your dental hygienist - anyone you want in your stead - and you can give the gift of Pilates instead of losing that session!