Alycea Ungaro, Creator of Real Pilates NYC and the RPTT Program

Alycea Ungaro, Creator of Real Pilates NYC and the RPTT Program


So you want to teach pilates …

Thank you for your interest in Alycea Ungaro’s 3rd Generation Classical Teacher Training Program. This program is developed and taught worldwide by Romana Kryzanowksa’s protege Alycea Ungaro and her International, NYC-based staff. Upon graduation you are considered a 3rd generation certified Classical Pilates teacher and a part of an International network of teachers to support you in your career and continuing education thereafter. 

This program has three main parts with two separate investment pieces: 

Part 1: Four Intensive Seminar Weekends.

Houston* RPTT Seminar Dates:

February 28th-30th Beginner 

April 3rd-5th Intermediate I 

May 15th-17th Intermediate II

June 26th-18th Advanced

(If you can not be present for one of the weekends you may make that weekend up at a sister studio like Grace New Orleans, Pilates Methodology Dallas or any other location that offers her teacher training program)

Part 2: 30 week online course via online learning platform, Canva. This includes homework, interactive learning, discussions and research surrounding all aspects of teaching be it anatomy, hands on cuing, or planning sessions and classes.  


listed above is $5,630.00. NOTE there are payment plan options available. This will be paid in full or in payments to Real Pilates NYC. Alycea and her lead trainers in NYC and abroad travel to Houston for Seminar Intensive Weekends and operate the online learning platform. So this is part one of your Pilates learning investment. 

Part 3: Apprenticeship Hours which include Personal Training package to ensure you learn the work in YOUR body, practice teaching hours, detailed and guided observation hours as well as self practice workout assignments to be completed at Control Studios and under our guidance over the course of this 30 week program. 


You will pay your personal training package, which covers 1 x a week Private & Semi-Private directly to Control Studios — your “host” studio. Investment for this portion of the program is $3,600.00 if paid in advance to save $300 or can be paid “as-you-go” by purchasing Privates & Semi-Privates on a 10 pack basis.

This program is robust and for individuals seeking deep understanding of Joseph Pilates’ workout system. 

If you love what you’ve read thus far step one, is completion of the online application on Real Pilates’ website. They reach out to you, you book an assessment with Control Studios, we provide that report to Real Pilates, then they email your contract to review and sign.

Soon after signing your contract you will begin the 30 week online course in preparation for the first seminar weekend September 27th. You will continue working that online learning program for the duration of your 30 weeks until final test out; which will happen after Advanced Seminar when you have completed all Apprenticeship Hour requirements.

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