Why The Studio Pass

When Courtney and I first started talking about opening our Studio, our biggest driver was offering small and intimate group classes, teaching quality Classical Pilates. If you’re looking for Classical Pilates in Houston, you can find several studios that offer Classical Pilates in a private setting, but not many that offer classes using the apparatus. We had both taught at a studio that taught exclusively privates and absolutely loved teaching privates, because honestly it is the very best way to get all of the attention and specific cues for your body, but we both recognized not only the value classes offer, but also the community, the energy and the pace that comes with a small tight knit group class and we believed it was something that had to be done.

Several months into our first year we were loving the community we had started to build and the feel of our classes at Control, but we started realizing how much we both missed teaching privates, and how much value there is in a private session for the client. We started talking regularly about the need for both. This method is so powerful and and filled with so many nuances that the best experience of it comes from doing both; using Private sessions to really hone in on technique and tweak the small details to optimize your workout, and using the classes to practice and put it all together at pace with other people you love all moving a sweating with you.

As we started to look into our second year of life at Control we knew we wanted to offer a membership that highlights both; privates to get it right, and classes to get the practice, community, and independence. Our new membership, The Control Studio Pass, allows you to use your monthly auto-draft, and an unbeatable 15% discount to do both when and how you want; whether it’s 1 private a month and 3+ classes a week, 2 privates a week and 1 class a week, or any combination there in between. We built this studio to offer the best of both worlds, and now we have a membership that really allows you take advantages of all Control has to offer. We couldn’t be happier and we know you’ll love it too!

See you in the Studio!


Control Pilates